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Names and Surnames

¿Juanito? ¿María?
Actually, the most common names in our country have changed. In our grandparents' time, everyone was named José, Juan or María (the same than Spain). But nowadays there are few people who have got one of those names yet, and if they get them, it's usually with a combination: José Luis, Juan Carlos or María Fernanda; so the second is the main name and nobody uses the first.
There are also many people that have chosen non-spanish names for their children, for example my own name, Iván... it's Juan in Russian! Very curious, 'cos it's a very common name here in Mexico. If you come, you'll find at least one Ivan the time you stay.
Many people with a low-education choose English or German names: Oliver, Kevin, Sharon, Shannon, Tyson, Owen, Amy, etc. But most of times they write/pronounce it wrong: Óliver (with an accent), Kebin, Taison, Eimi, etc.
Anyway, the most popular names are still Spanish, even though they're not the traditional ones (forget Benancio and Manolo, we never use them). So these are the most common names according to the Instituto Nacional de Estadística:
1. Alejandro
2. Carlos
3. Miguel
4. Eduardo
5. Fernando
6. Rodrigo
7. Ricardo
8. Luis
9. David
10. Javier
1. Gabriela
2. Carmen
3. Adriana
4. Alejandra
5. Guadalupe (perhapas it's the only traditional name with a high percentage)
6. Mariana
7. Claudia
8. Mónica
9. Teresa
10. Elena
The most popular surnames haven't changed, so we've got the same than Spain... with a different order. This data was obtained by the Padrón Electoral Mexicano:
1. Hernández
2. García
3. Martínez
4. López
5. González
6. Gómez
7. Rodríguez
8. Pérez
9. Sánchez
10. Ramírez
11. Flores

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